Why should you use Deducer in your next statistics course?

Easy to use

Deducer is intuitive, and attempts to be efficient for beginners and experts alike. No programming, or explicit writing of commands in required, so students can focus on the concepts rather than the tool.

Not a toy system

Much of the software used to teach statistics is useful and good for those things that are taught in the class, but don't allow the student any room to grow. Or if they do, the student is required to buy expensive add-on packs. If they need a different, less standard technique later, they have to switch software completely. Deducer is built on the industry standard in statistics, R. As students grow in ability, all of the latest statistical techniques are at their fingertips, available by simply downloading one of the thousands of statistics packages on CRAN.

Free - as in speech

The implementation of the statistical algorithms in other software is closed, and not available to either the student to learn from, or the teacher to verify. Because the source code of R and Deducer is freely accessible, anyone can verify its correctness (and they do).

Free - as in beer

It doesn't cost anything. Students are rightfully concerned about cost, but cost also has real (post-student) life consequences. Different companies/organizations use different software, and, when your students are hired, their employers may not be willing to pay for the same proprietary software you use. R and Deducer are free, and available in any organization.

Comparison with the package Rcmdr