Running Deducer From The Terminal

From the command line (Windows, Linux)

Deducer can be used from the command line on Windows and Linux systems, but not Mac OS X.


To load Deducer, enter:


You can access Deducer's menus using the deducer() function. For example, to open the linear regression dialog, the following can be done:

> deducer()

1: File
2: Data
3: Analysis
4: Help

Selection: 3

1: Frequencies
2: Descriptives
3: Contingency Tables
4: One Sample Test
5: Two Sample Test
6: K-Sample Test
7: Correlation
8: Linear Model
9: Logistic Model
10: Generalized Linear Model

Selection: 8
Alternatively, the name of the desired menu item can be passed as a parameter:

> deducer("Linear Model")

The data viewer can be accessed using either deducer("Data viewer") or the data.viewer() function