From the command line (Windows, Linux)

Deducer can be used from the command line on Windows and Linux systems, but not Mac OS X.


To load Deducer, enter:


You can access Deducer's menus using the deducer() function. For example, to open the linear regression dialog, the following can be done:

> deducer()

1: File
2: Data
3: Analysis
4: Help

Selection: 3

1: Frequencies
2: Descriptives
3: Contingency Tables
4: One Sample Test
5: Two Sample Test
6: K-Sample Test
7: Correlation
8: Linear Model
9: Logistic Model
10: Generalized Linear Model

Selection: 8
Alternatively, the name of the desired menu item can be passed as a parameter:

> deducer("Linear Model")

The data viewer can be accessed using either deducer("Data viewer") or the data.viewer() function