On Linux Deducer's menus can be accessed from within JGR or from the terminal (via the deducer() function).

With JGR (Windows, Mac or Linux)


  1. Download and install R from CRAN. You must build it with the shared libraries, so R must be compiled using --enable-R-shlib and the directory containing libR.so must be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Also libjvm.so and other dependent Java libraries must be on LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  2. Install JGR following the instructions here.
  3. Open R and at the prompt enter: install.packages(c("JGR","Deducer"))
  4. Run JGR() to open JGR, and library(Deducer) to load Deducer

Step-by-step guides

How to install R, JGR and Deducer in Ubuntu
Instalare R, JGR și Deducer Ón Ubuntu (in Romanian)