All-In-One Installer for R, JGR and Deducer

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Instructions for existing R users

Deducer is much like any other package in R, and can be used from within the native R Gui or the Java R Gui JGR.

  • Make sure your R is updated to at least version 2.12.0
  • Open R and enter:
  • The JGR console should now be open. To load Deducer, go to 'Packages & Data' > 'Package Manager' and select Deducer and DeducerExtras.

In addition to the standard menus, upon loading Deducer, three new menus should appear named 'Deducer', 'Data', 'Analysis' and 'Plots.' These can be used to access the dialogs and data viewer. In the native GUI, the dialogs and menus work best if you use the single window (SDI) interface, which can be changed from the 'Edit'->'GUI preferences' menu item.

Load Deducer by default at start-up

Trouble shooting

JGR.exe keeps trying to install the JGR package and fails
JGR.exe can't find a writable R library. Try right clicking on jgr.exe and selecting 'run as administrator'. Also see Running JGR with a non-standard R installation.
2.10.0 <= R <2.12.0
Deducer can be run with earlier versions of R (provided they are later than 2.10.0) by downloading the appropriate JGR launcher from: