The Export Data dialog (under the File menu) allows storage of RDS data in several formats:

  • RDS Analyst (.rdsobj) - Stores a RDS data frame in the native RDS analyst format, and does not need to be converted if re-imported to RDS Analyst (see RDSAnalystImportRDSData)
  • Flat File (.robj, .csv) - Uses the dput function to write an ASCII text representation of a data frame to a file or connection (.robj).
    • Can save a data frame as a .csv file by ending the file name with .csv -- then the write.csv function is called instead
  • Netdraw (.dl, .vna) - Stores a RDS data frame's recruitment tree in NetDraw format
  • GraphViz (.gz) - Stores a RDS data frame's recruitment tree as a GraphViz file

You can also save data by going to the Data Viewer, selecting the Data Set you want to save and then File > Save Data. Select a File Format from the drop-down menu. The choices are R format (.rda, .rdata, .robj), Comma Separated Values (.csv), Text (.txt), DBF (.dbf), Stata (.dta) or ARFF (.arff).