An RDS data set's "Meta Data" stores information about the variable names associated with Subject ID, Recruiter ID and Network Size--fields that are present for all RDS data (see RDSAnalystConvertToRDS ). The Meta Data can be updated through the Edit Meta Data dialog under the Data menu, as shown below, or the RDS tab of the Data Viewer.

  • ''Subject ID:' Uniquely identifies survey participants. It should not contain and NA values.
  • Recruiter ID: should be a subset of subject ID values except for seeds who share a recruiter ID not used in Subject ID, e.g. 0. Also should not have NA values.
  • Network Size: a.k.a Degree, is the number of connections in the network that each respondent reports.
  • Max # of Coupons: The number of recruitment coupons distributed to each participant.
  • Population Size Estimate: Mid values may be used as the default population size for dialogs in the population menu.